Joseph H. Shieber


1 Philosophy and Transformative Experiences
2 Knowledge, Truth, and Belief
3 Foundationalism: Descartes’s Evil Demon
4 The Coherence Theory of Knowledge
5 Externalist Theories of Knowledge
6 Problems with Self-Knowledge
7 Does Sense Perception Support Knowledge?
8 Perception: Foundationalism and Externalism
9 The Importance of Memory for Knowledge
10 Confabulations and False Memories
11 The Extended Mind
12 Do We Have Innate Knowledge?

13 How Deduction Contributes to Knowledge
14 Hume’s Attack on Induction
15 The Raven Paradox and New Riddle of Induction
16 Know-How versus Propositional Knowledge
17 Knowledge Derived from Testimony
18 Social Psychology and Source Monitoring
19 Testimony through Social Networks
20 The Reliability of Scientific Testimony
21 Testimony in the Media
22 Pragmatic and Moral Encroachment
23 Radical Skepticism: The Brain in a Vat
24 The Future of Epistemology

Delve into the exciting world of knowledge, belief, and truth in Theories of Knowledge: How to Think about What You Know. Taught by acclaimed Professor Joseph H. Shieber of Lafayette College, these 24 mind-bending lectures take you from Plato to Hume to contemporary neurobiologists, and from wide-ranging social networks to the deepest recesses of your own brain.

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